Simple Tricks to Teach Your Frenchie

Simple Tricks to Teach Your Frenchie

Is your French Bulldog ready to show off his stuff to your friends and family? If he’s not quite to that point you can polish off his good looks with simple tricks to teach your frenchie.

Army Crawl

In order to teach the super cute army crawl, you need to use the lure method. The lure method requires the use of a treat in one hand, and a handful of treats in the other. Start in a distraction free, quiet room, and start your Frenchie in the down position. If he doesn’t already know this, you can use the lure (the treat in one hand) to have him lay down into the down position. Ensuring the lure is in a closed fist so your Frenchie can’t get to it, and move your hand an inch or two away from him. As he leans forward, say “good boy” and reward him.

Repeat this step until your Frenchie has it down, but make sure to keep each session to five minutes or under. As he gets better at keeping his stomach on the ground and leaning in to the treat, gradually increase the distance, starting at three inches and up to a few feet. Make sure to reward each time! As the distance increases, start using the command “Crawl” at the beginning, letting your pup know in the future what it is you expect him to do.

Hoop Jump

Start with holding a hula hoop straight up and down with the bottom of it resting on the ground. Using a similar lure method, have your Frenchie walk through the hoop back and forth. After a few sessions of this, hold the hula hoop between one and two inches off the ground, forcing your Frenchie to step over the base of it. Just like with the Army Crawl, make sure to reward your pup each time he steps through the hoop.

With each successful session, raise the hoop gradually higher, to the point where he has to jump to get through it. Stop at a maximum height of twelve inches, or one foot. This gives enough height to make your bulldog jump through the hoop and look impressive, without making it too hard on him and his joints.

Roll Over

A classic trick that everyone associates with man’s best friend, rolling over is a must know for any trick-trained pup. Not only is it an impressive feat, but it can be used as the basis for many other tricks, including playing dead. To start training this trick, have your dog in the down position. Again using a lure in a closed fist, place it beside your Frenchie’s head at their cheek. This will cause your pup to turn his head to the lure. As he does so, slowly move the lure from the side of their head to the back of their head. As your Frenchie moves his head to face the lure, his body will lean backwards. Say “good boy” and treat.

Over the coures of a few sessions, increase the distance you are moving the lure, treating each time he starts to lean. Eventually, you will have your pup laying on his side, on his back, then rolling all the way over. Once you get to the point where your pup is rolling over, include the command “Roll Over” when you start moving the lure. Keep doing this until your Frenchie rolls over on the command alone!

Tricks of the Trade

Your French Bulldog is bursting at the seams wanting to impress you and train with you. Eventually, you can use these tricks as the basis for more tricks. Not only can these simple tricks to teach your frenchie entertain and impress your friends and family, but training them helps increase the bond you have with your Frenchie. Enjoy!

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