French Bulldog Games

French Bulldog Games

Are you tired of the same old game that you play with your French Bulldog? Maybe your dog is the one who is bored and needs something new to play with you.  French Bulldog Games are a fun way to add variety and stimulation to the life of your little friend.  The Frenchie is a unique, smaller version of the Bulldog and carries with him the ability to play some fun and new games that the two of you will love.

Hide and Seek!

You have probably played this game with other kids when you were a child, and now you can share the fun with your Frenchie. This game can be played indoors and out, but first you will want to teach your dog what the game is all about. It is best to play with at least 1 other person. Make sure you both have a hidden handful of treats ready to go, as well. Have your helper to sit only a few feet away from you, and tell your Frenchie, “Go find” and the person’s name. After you say that, have your helper to call to your dog. When you dog gets to them, they should give him a treat and a lot of praise.

When your dog gets the hang of it, make it a little harder. Have your friend hide somewhere easily accessible for your dog to get to, like behind a piece of furniture or under a blanket. Once again, tell your Frenchie to go find the hidden person, and that person should call out to your dog. You will all have fun as you encourage your dog to find the hidden person. When you Frenchie finds them, he should be given treats and praise! You can continue to increase the difficulty by spreading out to other rooms in your home.

Bulldog Puzzles

French Bulldogs are intelligent, and no smart dog is totally happy until their brains have been challenged. You can create your own doggy puzzle or purchase one online. Even some local pet stores carry puzzles meant just for dogs. These puzzles will hide small treats in compartments that your dog must push knobs, spin discs and more to get to. No dog has gone unsatisfied with a store bought puzzle toy.

You can make your own doggy puzzle toy using items in your home. Put on your creative thinking hat and grab some paper cups, cardboard boxes and paper bags. Don’t forget a handful of treats. Hide a single treat under a cup, box or inside a bag and tell your dog “Find it!” and encourage him to look through the small maze you have created. You can even make it harder by adding more objects for him to look through.

Trick Training

It might not sound like a game to you, but all training is for a dog is fun and games. You can really make it fun but teaching your French Bulldog some tricks to show off for your friends and family. If you don’t already use it, pick up a clicker and educate yourself on the fun behind clicker games. First, charge your clicker. Charging a clicker is a simple term used to describe helping a dog to associate the sound of the click with a treat. This is a type of classical conditioning as described by scientist Ivan Pavlov as he conditioned his dog subjects to expect food when they hear the ring of a bell.

You can then use that sound of a click to mark the right behavior, and your dog will know he made the right choice and will be rewarded! Charging a clicker takes mere moments, and a handful of treats. All you do is sit on the floor with your dog, click and give him a treat. Do this over and over until your hand is empty, and your dog was given about 10 to 15 yummy treats after each click. Now you can move on and teach your Frenchie any trick he is physically able to do. He can learn to play dead, spin in a circle or even to fetch your shoes for you.

In the end, you both win!

French Bulldog Games are only fun when you are involved! Remember that you are your dog’s whole world, and he relies on you for more than just food and shelter, but for friendship and even entertainment! The two of you can have a lot of fun together with creativity and a positive attitude.

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