Tips For Choosing A Frenchie

The Adoption Game: Tips for Choosing a Frenchie

Frenchies are paws and tails above other dog breeds – besides their fetching features and symphony of snores, grunts and snorts, they’re the grand entertainers of the canine world, their happy-go-lucky natures and fetching features winning the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. It’s no surprise, then, that they’re one of the most highly sought after dog breeds for people who are looking to add a new four-legged member to their family.

Hang on a moment, though. If you’re truly determined to add one of these delightful dogs to your household, there are some considerations to think about beforehand. A family discussion should be the first order of business before any new four-legged friend comes home with you. Do you have the financial resources to provide the appropriate care for a Frenchie, and enough time, energy and patience to fulfill their considerable need for attention and activity? Keep in mind that although French Bulldogs may be small, they’re also whip-smart, energetic pups who need lots of social interaction. Who will be mainly responsible for day-to-day care like feeding, training, exercise and poop patrol? Would a new puppy be your first choice, or would an adult dog fit your lifestyle better?

Once you have the answers to the above questions, it’s time to decide where to adopt your puppy from. The next best point on your path to adoption is to decide whether you’re going to adopt a puppy from a breeder, or offer a forever home to a rescue dog. Here are some tips for choosing a Frenchie.

Adopting From a Breeder

Most people think of puppies when they think of breeders, but many reputable Frenchie breeders may also have adult dogs (usually retired from show or breeding) available for adoption from time to time. Here are some tips to think about when picking the right Frenchie breeder.

  • To begin your search, start with the American Kennel Association’s suggestion:  French Bulldog Club of America. French Bulldog Club of America has a list of breeders that maintain AKC-quality standards. Never buy dogs from Craigslist or Kijiji.  There are too many horror stories out there.
  • Beware of unregistered and/or bargain priced pups. The popularity of the Frenchie breed has given rise to some rather fishy breeding practices, like importing pups from outside the country, or breeding dogs in violation of non-breeding agreements.
  • Prepare for paperwork – a responsible breeder will probably ask you to fill out an application, and often wants to meet their pup’s potential family, too. They just want to make sure that your new pup will be a good fit for your family, and that you’re willing and able to take on the responsibilities that come with your new Frenchie friend.
  • Always, always visit the kennel before agreeing to adopt or pay for a dog, and make sure that the dam (mother) is there for you to meet and interact with.
  • Check out and interact with the breeder’s adult dogs. Are they in good health? Good tempered and outgoing? Free from parasites and visible health problems? An answer of ‘no’ to these questions should raise red flags.
  • A concerned breeder should also have no problem providing certificates of health and hereditary testing, veterinary information, and AKC registration information for their dogs
  • Check to make sure that your potential pup has been permanently identified with a microchip or tattoo before bringing them home.

Adopting From a Rescue

Some dog lovers may think that rescue dogs only come from situations of abuse or neglect – but that’s not always true! Rescue Frenchies can come from ccommercial breeding kennels, public shelters, private rescue groups, or as strays. Many Frenchies are simply just surrendered by owners who, for whatever reason, are no longer able to care for their pups. No matter what the reason for rescue, the fact is that Frenchies deserve loving forever homes. Adopting a dog from a rescue also requires some serious forethought.

  • What kind of dog are you looking for? Most rescues tend to have more adult dogs than puppies available.
  • Check out Frenchie specific rescues. The French Bulldog Recue Network is an excellent organization that rescues, rehabs and re-homes French Bulldogs exclusively.
  • Get out the vacuum! Since Frenchie rescues are diligent about finding the perfect forever homes for their dogs, they’ll often have a multi-step adoption process that involves an application, interview and home visit.
  • Ask about your potential pup’s background – do they have any medical issues or personality quirks that may need special care?
  • Consider the benefits of rescue, too – a reputable Frenchie rescue will make sure that adopted dogs are healthy, vaccinated, treated for parasites, spayed (or neutered) and microchipped – totally worth it!

Whether you choose a breeder or a rescue to adopt your Frenchie from, if you’re patient and diligent about looking for all the ‘right stuff’, you’re sure to find a true friend and companion to snuggle your days away with.

Here is a long, but interesting video about pros and cons of Frenchies. (You can easily skip the first 15 minutes).

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