How to Handle Your Dog’s First Days at Home

Are you new to puppy parenting? Do you know how to handle your dog’s first days at home? Don’t let the responsibility scare you. It’s not as hard as everyone makes it to be. Just remember that raising a dog is like raising a baby. It’s not going to be a piece of cake, but it’s going to be really rewarding.
Here are the first things you should do to make sure your puppy assimilates well into his or her new home:
• Puppy-proof your house
Always keep in mind that a puppy will always explore its new environment to its every nook and cranny, so the best way to prepare for the coming of your dog is to anticipate all the accidents that can happen. This includes placing your shoes inside closets to avoid incessant chewing and putting electrical cords out of reach to prevent electrocution.

• Be in the same room for the first few days
In the first few days, it is important for you to keep your new canine companion in the same room with you. This is particularly very important if your dog is not yet housebroken. This will allow you to prevent potty accidents as well as correct any unapproved behavior as you see it happening. For example, if you see him or her chewing on a shoe, you can instantly substitute it with a toy and prevent the bad behavior from developing.

• Use a leash indoors to prevent accidents from happening
Another effective strategy to correct bad behaviors is to use a leash indoors for your new puppy. This will allow you to stop him or her immediately if he or she does something that is unacceptable, such as chewing on a chair leg, jumping on the couch, or signaling aggression towards anyone in the household.

• Establish a schedule
Dogs thrive on routine, so it is best to have a schedule ready as soon as it steps inside your home. It is recommended to start your puppy’s day with a potty break, as just like us, they have to eliminate waste first thing in the morning. Truth is – there is no one perfect schedule for all dogs, but consistency has a lot to play in ensuring they stick to it.
As your dog will be excited and anxious about his or her new home, housetraining accidents are definitely unavoidable. The trick is to remain patient and trust us – your puppy will get accustomed to his or her new home in no time!