iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower

Playing fetch is a great way to have fun with your Frenchie as well as give him/her the physical exercise that they require. However, throwing balls and bending down to get them repeatedly can be a very tiresome exercise for some of us humans who don’t have as much energy as they do.

Wouldn’t it be great if your Frenchie could play fetch with you without having to do all the hard work? iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower is a machine that helps your Frenchies to play fetch pretty much by themselves.

Here’s why we feel that the iFetch Ball Thrower is the best in the market right now:

Playing fetch with your Frenchie just got a lot easier!

Playing fetch with your Frenchie just got a lot easier!


  • The small iFetch ball thrower is ideal for small breeds like .
  • The tennis balls that come with this ball launcher are also not full-size tennis balls. They are ideal for Frenchies!
  • Easy to train your Frenchie to play with this machine.
  • If tennis balls wear out, you can use replacement balls of the same size with this machine. Many users have mentioned using small squeaky balls. with it later on.

iFetch is a great way to have fun and bond with your Frenchie. This machine will help you satisfy your Frenchie’s love for playing fetch rather than disappointing him or her when you’re tired.

This ball thrower may be a tad expensive compared to some other models available out there, but considering it’s durability and impressive user ratings, it’s well worth it.

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