How to Clip Your French Bulldog’s Nails

Are you wondering how to clip your French bulldog’s nails? The process takes some practice, but with patience you can learn how to do this yourself.  You must be confident in  your ability to clip your Frenchie’s nails before proceeding.  are very intelligent, and will sense if you are nervous about clipping their nails.  If you do not feel comfortable with the process, we recommend taking your dog to a qualified groomer.

Nail clipping is ideally done immediately after giving your French Bulldog a bath.  Your dog will hopefully be calm and relaxed from the bath, and a relaxed dog is easier to clip.  Make sure you have treats on hand, and praise the dog for behaving well.

Here are a few tips that might help:

  • Start by checking to make sure your equipment is in excellent working order.  If you are using clippers, make sure they are sharp and well-oiled.  If you are using a nail grinder, test it before using it on your dog.
  • Begin by massaging your Frenchie’s  paws, and looking at the paw pads, to see if there are any issues (sores, excess dryness, etc).
  • Give your dog a small treat, and praise him or her for staying still.
  • Take a front paw and squeeze it gently to push the nail away from the quick.
  • Take great care not to cut too far down.  Cutting too closely will hurt your Frenchie, and cause the quick to start bleeding.
  • Have styptic powder on hand, just in case there is some bleeding.
  • When you have finished the first paw, go to the other front paw, and repeat the process.
  • Finally work back to each hind paw.
  • Praise your dog for a job well done.

If you do not feel comfortable with how to clip your French bulldog’s nails, take your dog to a professional groomer, and ask him or her to show you how to clip the nails without hurting the dog.

Here is a videos that might be helpful:

image source: flickr

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