Frenchie Lessons

Frenchie Lessons:

This is a series of memes, based on pictures submitted from our Facebook fans, as well as some from Pinterest and Tumblr.


Everything I need to know, I learned from my Frenchie.

Nap Every Chance You Get.

fl1 bob meme 299

Always Be Irresistable.

fl2 bob meme 296

I Have (Selective) Supersonic Hearing.

fl3 bob meme 298

Life Is Short.  Play With Me Every Chance You Get.

fl4 bob meme 295

When In doubt, Hand Out Snacks.

fl5 bob meme 300

Never, Ever Pass Up A Good Belly Rub.

fl6 bob meme 301

Frenchie Kisses Really Do Make Everything Better.

fl7 bob meme 304

Mom’s Hug (Also) Makes Everything Better.

fl8 bob meme 305

My Whole Life Is Better When I’m Near You.

fl9 bob meme 306

Always Be yourself.

fl10 bob meme 342

Protect Those You Love.

fl11 bob meme 23

You Rule Your Own Destiny.

fl12 bob meme 3

Attitude Is Everything.

fl13 bob meme 342

Call Your Mom, And Tell Her You Love Her.

fl14 bob meme 183

Remember To Give Praise.

fl15 bob meme 343

Never Be Afraid To Get Your Paws Dirty.

fl16 bob meme 8

Loyalty Is A Virtue.

fl17 bob meme 344

Explore Everything.

fl18 bob meme 18

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

fl19 bob meme 19

Take Time To Play In The Sun.

fl20 bob meme 345

Good Friends Always Have Your Back.

fl21 bob meme 353

Life’s A Beach.  Just Run With It.

fl22 bob meme 354

Smile.  It Will Make YOU Happy!

fl23 bob meme 355

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