How and What to Feed Your Frenchie

How and What to Feed Your Frenchie

Your French Bulldog is your best friend. He licks away your tears, makes you laugh and is always by your side when you need him. You owe it to him to provide the best, most nutritious meals you can for your best friend. You need to know how and what to feed your Frenchie.  Simply picking out the most expensive dog food on the shelf just doesn’t cut it. To give your Frenchie the best food money can buy, you first need to educate yourself on what is best for him, including how to feed him.

What to Look For

When picking the best food for your Frenchie, it’s important to pay close attention to ingredient labels. Even though some brands will talk about how good they are, the ingredient labels will often times tell us otherwise. Good food will have more whole ingredients and little to no fillers. When reading an ingredient list, remember, they are listed in order of volume. In other words, the first ingredient is the main source of the food in the bag, while the last ingredient is in such sparse quantities that it probably has little to no impact on the nutrition or flavor of the food.

So, an ingredient list that has grain or a grain-free filler as the first or second ingredient is not going to be as healthy or nutritionally sound for your Frenchie as a food that has whole chicken, fish, beef or other meat product. The type of meat is also important. Whole meat or meat meal is fine as a first ingredient, but stay away from foods that list meat by-products as first or second ingredient, especially if the type of meat is not specified. Meat by-products are not the actual meat itself, but instead what is left after that food has been processed. This includes fat, veins, bone, fur and anything else that isn’t part of the actual food-grade meat.

How About Homemade or Raw Food?

There is a lot of buzz right now, centered around whether or not to feed dogs a homemade or raw food diet.  With the increasing recalls of commercial dog foods, the alarming news coming out of China’s pet food facilities, and the overall movement to be more conscious of what we eat, it’s easy to understand why many Frenchie parents are moving to raw dog food and homemade dog food.  There are several excellent guides that can help you decide if raw dog food or homemade dog food is right for you.  However, there are some special precautions you should take before considering a raw food diet.  Make sure you understand all the facts, and discuss your options with your veterinarian.

How To Feed

Once you have the perfect food picked out for your Frenchie, it isn’t as simple as filling a food dish and leaving it out all day. Your dog, just like you, has a daily intake that needs to be met. Check the brand of food you are feeding to see how much your pup should have on a daily basis. Once you know how much, it’s time to set up a feeding schedule. You want to avoid free feeding or only feeding once per day, as either way can lead to problems. Free feeding can lead to obesity, while feeding once per day can disrupt your Frenchie’s natural digest system, resulting in diarrhea, or worse, bloat.

Your feeding schedule should change as your dog ages. Puppies, especially for such a small breed, need to eat more often than older dogs to maintain proper blood sugar. You want to feed your pup around 3-4 times per day. This will differ from dog to dog, so feed three meals and gauge on whether or not your specific pup needs a fourth meal. Once your dog hits six months old, it’s time to cut back a little bit. If your Frenchie was eating four meals a day, cut it down to three meals. If they were already eating only three meals, cut it down to two. Once they hit two years old, all Frenchies should be fed twice a day. Make sure it’s at the same time every day so that your pup, and his digestive tract, gets used to eating on a schedule.

Feeding Right

There is so much more to nutrition than just picking a random food and pouring it into a bowl. Make sure to do your research, find the food that works for you, your budget, and more importantly, your Frenchie. Know how and what to feed your Frenchie.  Keeping him happy and healthy will lead to a long, lasting relationship for you.

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