Feeding Your Dog Human Food

Over the years, it is widely debated among dog lovers whether it is healthy or not to feed pets with human food. The truth is that there is no substantial evidence to prove if it is one or the other. It is mainly up to you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons.
If you are deliberating on going for this approach, instead of buying commercialized pet food, here are some things you should keep in consideration:
When you feed your dog with human food, you do not fall prey to the dangers of pet food contamination that has been the source of a number of pet food recalls over the years.

In addition, most commercial dog foods are packed with preservatives that are very unhealthy and fatty. Opting to feed your dog with human food that is low in fat and rich in protein can easily prevent a number of health problems.

Feeding your dog with human food does not mean handing them your leftovers. It means preparing meals for your dogs that meet their nutritional requirements. As such, it can be very time-consuming.
As a rule of thumb, here’s when you know if it will be burdensome for you. If you are eating out more than three meals a week, then you are also likely too busy to properly prepare meals for your dog. Also, if you travel quite often for work or leisure, it may tend to be challenging.
If your idea of ‘human food’ is leftovers, there is absolutely no problem with doing so. Just be cautious about high-fat foods such as chicken skin, bacon, pork and cheese.

At the end of the day, if you are really intent on feeding your dog with human food, do it the right way and it can be tremendously healthy for your dog. Why? That’s because you can tailor-fit its diet according to its needs and specific nutrient requirements, and you’ll be able to prevent a number of lifestyle problems like obesity.