French Bulldogs Personalities

French Bulldogs personalities are like humans’. Every one is distinct even though the breed has a general personality. Knowing your Frenchie’s personality helps you understand and anticipate his or her needs, and helps you understand the message he or she is trying to communicate. Frenchies adjust to our lifestyles so we need to put some effort into seeing the world through their eyes.

French Bulldogs are of one of the sweetest and most loving breeds of dogs. But within the breed, there are five basic personality types. What personality does your furbaby have?
French Bulldog personalities are playful, stubborn, quiet, friendly and devoted. Though most Frenchies exhibit all of these traits, one of these characteristics will dominate.

Playful Frenchies never get tired pulling at you, jumping on your lap, and running in bursts of energy around the house. They love being outdoors where they can walk and run around. These Frenchies usually need a bit more exercise and prefer outdoor time almost every day.

Stubborn Frenchies can be difficult to train. Most Frenchies do have a strong stubborn streak, and if your dog displays this behavior, you will need to be more focused and patient with him or her. Frenchies are generally very smart, but because they can be stubborn, they may need 80 to 100 command repetitions before they can actually get an instruction.

Some Frenchies are very quiet and relaxed. They prefer snuggling and relaxing with their humans, rather than running and playing with other dogs. This personality type seldom barks, unless concerned by the presence of a stranger or another dog. This Frenchie personality will be the king or queen of the house.

Friendly Frenchies are the outgoing ones. They never know a stranger, and are always delighted to meet new, non-threatening people or dogs. These doggies generally get along well with cats too. As long as this personality believes your will not harm it, he or she will shower you with love and affection. These Frenchies readily trust their humans. Belly rubs will win you instant friendship.

The last personality type is the devoted Frenchie. These Frenchies are constant companions, and want to be wherever their humans are. They are people pleasers, running to greet you when you come home, licking your face and generally making you feel like you are the best human in the world.

So which personality is your Frenchie’s most distinct? Is your French Bulldog personalities a playful pooch, a stubborn one, a relaxed one, a friendly one, or a devoted one?