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Celebs & Frenchies: Famous French Bulldog Owners

French bull dogs, otherwise known as, “Frenchies” are quite charismatic. Many celebrities love them because they are excellent companions for singles, couples, families, or other pets. Frenchies are known to be caring and protective, as well as intelligent. Since they have a high intellect, they are a fun playmates. They adapt well to new environments and can be quite sociable. Who are  famous french bulldog owners?  Here are some examples of celebs and frenchies:

The singer, Lady Gaga loves her French bull dog named Asia. She affectionately nicknamed her “Batpig”. Lady Gaga adopted Asia into her home mid-year in 2014. Asia loves surfing, belly rubs, and relishes sitting with her owner during Jazz sessions. Asia does not make a sound when recording, just watches with her big loving eyes. Asia is often found in public with this famous singer in similar outfits, enjoying the attention she attracts while out for a stroll.

Business woman, writer, and television personality, Martha Stewart is a Frenchies enthusiast. She has two French bull dogs named Francesca and Sharkey. They are so loved that they have their own blog. Francesca was born on December 13, 2004. Martha explains her to be curious, wise, playful, obsequious, and highly opinionated. Sharkey, on the other hand, was born on February 18, 2005. She explains him to be laid-back, easy going, adventurous, and loves to intimidate donkeys and squirrels.

American actress and producer, Reese Witherspoon usually goes for Chihuahuas, but her loveable French bull dog’s name is Coco Chanel. Reese often takes Coco to a custom designer for a new wardrobe. Coco is named after Reese’s favorite designer. When Coco goes out on the town with Reese, she is seen wearing her own pearls.

Singer and song writer, Ashlee Simpson, has a Frenchie named Alabama as a loyal companion. This French bull dog, nicknamed Bam Bam, has comforted her during her parent’s divorce, and loves to play with her son’s toys. Alabama is often present for girl’s night out. He is much loved because everyone there loves to cuddle up him because he has a loving personality.

Singer, song writer, and actor John Legend adopted his three-legged Frenchie, named Penny, in June 2014. His wife, supermodel, Chrissy Teigen calls the new addition to their growing family a little tripod love bug.   John and Chrissy already had Pippa, another Frenchie and Puddy a Bulldog. Penny is often shown on media sites laying on comfortable couches or playing with Puddy and Pippa. Penny is described as a little light of energy, who has integrated well into the Legend household.

Australian actor, producer, and singer, Hugh Jackman has had his French bulldog, Dali, since November 2010. Hugh and Dali are often seen walking around New York City. Dali enjoys watching Hugh working out in the gym. Dali was named after their son’s favorite artist, Salvador Dalí, because of how his mouth curls. He is protective of his humans, and was seen trying to protect Hugh from a bigger dog while out for a walk. When not provoked, Dali loves to have his belly scratch while sitting on Hugh’s knee.

Former English football player David Beckham is also a French bulldog enthusiast. He and his wife, Victoria, already had a bulldog named Coco, but when he saw a little Frenchie named Scarlet, she was immediately welcomed into their home. Scarlet has been a proud member of the Beckman household since May 2011. Often, his children are seen walking Scarlet and Coco for exercise.

There are more celebrities that have joined the ranks of Frenchie enthusiasts; however many keep the information about the loyal friend’s private. French bull dogs will always be loyal to the ones they care for therefore they are much sought after. A few more examples of Frenchie enthusiasts are American actor and film producer, Leonardo Dicaprio, American actress and singer, Hilary Duff, American and Canadian actor, producer and professional wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and American professional snowboarder and skateboarder, Shaun White. They all have very affectionate French bulldogs, and are seen with them often. However, many famous French bulldog owners prefer to keep their four-legged companions out of the spot light.

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