Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids?

Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids?

The French Bulldog, better known to many as a Frenchie, has a protective nature combined with patience and a silly playful personality. French Bulldogs are very territorial and protective of their home and family. They don’t bark much, but you can expect them to bark and alert you of visitors. You can also expect them to do whatever they feel necessary to protect their home, as well as their family, even if that means giving their life. The female French Bulldog in particular is very protective over children.

Frenchies love all the attention children can give, but they don’t usually like to share that attention with other pets or playmates. However, with good socialization French Bulldogs are usually sweet and loving towards all children, adults, and animals. Though the French Bulldog is protective in nature this is not their primary purpose. French Bulldogs make better playmates and companions than they do guard dogs. Rest assured that they will give every bit of might in their little bodies to try to protect their family.

French Bulldogs adore attention and affection from their owners. In return, your Frenchie will shower its family, including children, with love and affection as well. The French Bulldogs small size paired with their high energy level make it lots of fun for kids to play with them, without the worry of the dog being too rambunctious.

You can count on your French Bulldog to be ready to play for hours whether it be chasing a ball or just running around with the kids. Frenchies are often referred to as having very comical personalities. They are also very mischievous which will require a little patience from its adult owner but is sure to be very entertaining to children.

As with any dog, supervision of children is a good thing with a French Bulldog. It is also important for the dog and the children to know what acceptable behavior towards one another consist of. Although French Bulldogs are very patient and loving towards children, they do best with children that are able to show good leadership to the dog.

It is important that a French Bulldog not be allowed to think they are the alpha. This could lead to the Frenchie becoming stubborn and even a little aggressive. However, with good leadership from their owners Frenchies can make a wonderful playmate for children of any age. You should expect nothing short of lifelong loyalty and companionship from a French Bulldog toward you and your children.

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