Stopping Bad Habits

Stopping Bad Habits

Dogs have no shame! Are you at your wit’s end, stopping bad habits in your Frenchie?  If you polled owners everywhere, many of them would have tales to tell about the time their puppy humped the neighbor’s leg, or the day that their pooch raided their underwear drawer during a dinner party. Members of every breed, no matter what size, shape, age or ability, have been known to pull stunts of most embarrassing proportions that leave their owners red in the face, and Frenchies are no exception.

Some of the antics that our funny faces get up to, however, are not only cringe-inducing, but they can be downright annoying or even dangerous in some cases. Not to worry, though – there’s hope for your little rascal yet. Here are a few ways to curb some of the most common and bothersome behaviors that Frenchies seem to delight in.



Whether your pup’s misbegotten affections are focused on your guest’s leg or another dog, it’s easy to find yourself red-faced as you try and separate your Frenchie from their victim. Neutering may help, but it’s important to know that not all mounting behaviors are sexual, nor do they necessarily mean than your pup is trying to ‘show dominance’. It’s quite common for dogs to use mounting as a social exercise, often using the behavior to relieve stress or anxiety, or display excitement.

If you know what certain situations your pup is liable to be ‘hump-happy’ in, then management is the first step. First, begin training an alternate, more acceptable behavior – like ‘go to your bed’ or ‘lie down’ – that you would use in situations when your pup would normally perform those awkward antics. Keep your furry friend on a leash so that he doesn’t have the opportunity to practice his bad habit, and remove him from the situation for a brief time-out each time he goes for the ‘jump-up’.


Eating Poop

Yes, poop munching is probably one of the most disgusting habits that Frenchies can have. Scientifically termed coprophagia, this behavioral quirk is thought to be caused by either picking up the bad habit from other dogs, feeding irregularities, or just plain boredom. For Frenchies who just won’t leave it on the ground, stop coprophagia by teaching a ‘leave it’ command, picking up all poops immediately, all the time, and keeping your Frenchie on leash during potty breaks. It’s also vital to make sure that your best friend gets a good amount of extra interaction from you, so increase the time and the fun factor of your walks and play sessions.


Sniffing Bums (or Crotches)

Dogs learn so much about the world through their sense of smell, but inappropriate sniffing can be terribly embarrassing or annoying for dog owner and ‘sniffee’ alike. Your Frenchie is just naturally trying to learn as much as possible about the other dog or person, but if your pup is an incurable and inappropriate investigator, there are a few ways to help. First, ask your pup for a calm behavior like ‘sit’ when you’re interacting with new friends, and reward them frequently for keeping their attention on you. Only allow your pup to greet someone when you release them, and if they’re persistent about being rude, calmly remove them from the situation or the interaction for a quick time-out – they’ll soon get the idea.



Many Frenchies out there need to be buying memberships to Chewaholics Anonymous, since all too often, our pups have a penchant for gnawing on socks, underwear, furniture, shoes – you name it. It’s an ingrained instinct, though, so since you won’t stop your pup from chewing, it’s best to give them some safe alternatives. Solutions should include increasing your pet’s exercise, introducing stuffed Kongs, feeding puzzles or long lasting edible chews to save your pup from tedium, picking up or restricting access to tempting chewables, and using a crate or pen to keep your furry friend from wreaking havoc around the house when you can’t keep a close eye on them.


Just as in people, our dog’s bad habits are merely behaviors that have been practiced over and over, becoming ingrained over time. They can be difficult to deal with, but with time and consistency, your Frenchie’s naughty behaviors can be redirected to far more acceptable ones.  You CAN be stopping bad habits in your Frenchie.

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