Best Toys for French Bulldogs

Best Toys for French Bulldogs

Toys! All dogs love them, but deep down, so do the owners. The colors, the shapes, everything about them just screams fun. But for your Frenchie, is one toy really any different from the other? Of course! Some toys just are not appropriate for the size of our beloved dogs, or the energy levels. And while, yes, a ball is a fun toy for any dog, is it really the only toy you want your playful pooch to have? Of course not.  Introduce your Frenchie to a variety of toys, and let him or her tell you what his or her preferences are.  Get more of what your Frenchie prefers, and set other toys aside.  Like children, their preferences may change over time.

Chew Toys

A good chew toy is extremely important for a breed such as the French Bulldog. Frenchies, like their cousins the English and Olde English Bulldogs, are strong chewers. Chewing is a natural instinct, a carryover from their wild cousins, the wolf and coyote. However, being a brachycephalic pup, meaning the skull is shaped so that the snout is short and upturned, the risk of choking on a small chew toy or a toy that is easily destroyed is high.

An important tip when shopping for chew toys is to shop for them for larger breed dogs. This ensures that your pup won’t accidentally swallow it or chew a piece off and choke on it. It’s also wise to stay away from softer toys, as these will be easily destroyed and swallowed. Any tough chew toy or Kong-style toy is a good and safe bet, as they can be chewed, tossed, played with and more, without fear of any choking.  These toys can easily be found at a local pet supply store or online on Amazon.

Tug Toys

Most dogs love a good game of tug. As a descendant of the English Bulldog, the French Bulldog has a tendency to love that game of tug a little more. A good tug toy goes a long way in ensuring safe but fun tugging sessions. What you will be looking for in a good tug toy is something that is strong and durable. Stay away from fleece tugs, as even though they are strong enough to be tugged on, any chewing will cause pieces to be torn off.

Despite what some people believe, tugging is not a bad thing for dogs. Many people claim that tugging can lead to aggression or dominant behaviors, however, this is far from the truth. Tugging is a natural exercise that even a French Bulldog’s wild cousins partake in. Not only do they find it fun, but it also lies in their systems instinctively, as wolves and coyotes (aside from tugging for fun) also tug on carcasses, trying to take the meat off the bones. By playing tug in our homes, our little Frenchie pups are fulfilling an instinctual need while having a ton of fun!

The Best Toy of All

There are many more toys out there that your French Bulldog will love to have. Plushies, tough chews, and even chase toys like iFetch (though, be careful and don’t let this be the main toy, being brachycephalic, Frenchies can overheat easily). However, don’t forget the most important toy, the toy your Frenchie will love above all others: You! You will be your pup’s favorite toy, so make sure to spend as much time as possible playing with our perfect Frenchie.  Ultimately, what are the best toys for French Bulldogs?  Let your Frenchie tell you.

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