8 Types of People You’ll See at the Dog Park

Dog Parks are great places for both you and your pooch. Your pooch has a safe environment to have a good run and play in, while you get to meet like minded dog parents such as yourself. Visiting the dog park can be a great opportunity to socialize or if you’re too tired to engage in all the chit chat, to sit down and just people watch. A typical dog park is sure to boast a wide variety of dog breeds bounding about, it also has a variety of people hanging about as well. Whether you visit a dog park regularly or rarely, here are a few types of people you are sure to have bumped in to.

1.The Helicopter Parent

Charlotte York was the epitome of the Helicopter Parent in Sex and the City, when it came to her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Elizabeth Taylor. She wouldn’t let her off her leash, out of her sight or heaven forbid, play with other pooches. The Helicopter Parent witnesses every move her dog makes and keeps an eye on yours, as well.

2.The Nonstop Texter

This is the opposite of the Helicopter Parent. This owner lets her dog do whatever she wants while focusing on nothing but her phone until it’s time to leave.

3.The Too-Many-Dogs-to-Count Owner

This guy likes to roll deep with three or more dogs. You’re left wondering “Where does he keep all of them at home?” “How much is his vet bill?” and “How does he keep the leashes from getting tangled?”

4.The Ever-Prepared Parent

You know the one: The pet owner who is ready for anything and has the equipment to prove it. From toys to extra poop bags to treats galore, this person has basically everything with him but the kitchen sink, even if he only spends five minutes there.

5.The Danny (the Dog Nanny)

This is the very attentive Danny (or Dog Nanny) that you know is not the actual parent, but was hired to walk, play with and take care for the dog while his owner is away or busy. He’s so good at his job, you’re tempted to ask for his number!

6.The Dog Expert

This is the know-it-all dog owner. She doesn’t just know everything about her own dog, she knows everything about every dog at the park. She can tell you why a certain dog is acting a certain way, what breeds are present (even if it’s a mix) and, of course, she’ll offer pet care and training tips to any and all who will listen whether you asked or not. She can be a good, albeit opinionated, resource for advice if you need it, but a lot to handle when you’re just looking for a quiet visit to the dog park.

7.The Excuse Maker

His dog has terrible manners, but he just doesn’t see it. In his eyes, his pet is the most adorable creature in the world and can do no wrong. This owner usually comes in tow with a small dog who barks and nips, but occasionally you’ll get a larger dog who likes to hump or jump up on people, and that is a whole other problem.

8.The Sit and Watch Owner

This could be an older owner who just wants to take a break during a walk or just a really laid back one, but you know the type… the one who hangs out with his dog on the nearest bench and just sits and sees what’s going on at the park. He doesn’t talk to anyone. His dog doesn’t play with any other dog. They just hang out.

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A visit to the dog park is always an interesting affair. Not only do you get to spend some fun time with your pooch, but you’ll come across and interesting array of people as well. If you’re looking for some quiet time at the park you might want to stay clear of the “Dog Expert’ but keep note of who they are, in case you need advice in the future. Or just sit back and watch, not just your pooch but also the types of people you can identify at the dog park with you. Chances are if there’s a type that you can’t identify or recognize that its you! The great thing about dog parks is that regardless of what type of person you are, you and your pooch will always be welcome at the park.

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